One of the most romantic holidays of the year is already coming and it's time to start thinking about all the possible travel destinations to spend this beautiful day with your beloved one! Check out what kind of places TravelPapa has found for you!

FRANCE is well-known as the most romantic country in the whole world and almost every couple dreams of visiting Paris, the capital of love, especially on this special day. So...maybe this year is the right time?

ITALY is annually considered another popular romantic travel destination, as almost each of its cities, like Verona or Venice, is filled with the unique spirit of love, attracting couples from all over the world.


SPAIN is one of those countries that it is always pleasant to visit and it doesn't matter what season it is now - this country looks equally romantic during the whole year!

SRI LANKA may be truly called one of the best choices for your special Valentine's Day vacation, as once you have visited it, you will want to come back there again and again!

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