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The first 100 photos milestone is over!

Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform you that TravelPapa's new photo contest, «Share Your Funny-Crazy Face», has already crossed the symbolic line of 100 approved photos, and it took less than just a couple of weeks!

Although the competition for $2000 in prizes is rather strong, there are almost two months left before the contest finishes. That means that you've got enough time to send your own photo and win any of these prizes!
  • $500* for the photo with the most votes (1st place),
  • $300* for the photo with the next highest number of votes (2nd place),
  • $200* for the photo with the third highest number of votes (3rd place), and
  • $500* for the picture chosen by the team.
  • $500* for the picture chosen by New Life Radio.
Let's have some fun and get to know each other face to face. Just upload your kid's photos, your friend's photos, your pet's photos, or any crazy-funny original photos shot by you. And win any prize, it’s easy!

And now surprise!
We have decided to raise the prize fund of the photo contest. You may get extra $300 at TravelPapa's photo contest, by simply promoting your photo on the World Wide Web! Besides paying $2000 for the most voted Crazy-Funny Face photos, we will also hand a $300 prize to the author of the best Crazy-Funny Face Story. See how to win with your stories at our photo contest.

* Read more info at

Best regards,
P.S. Should we remind you that for all participants of the international photo contest, we offer a $10.00 discount for every air booking? Use Promo Code CRAZYPAPA anytime before May 1st, 2011.